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The seminar aims to be an in-depth study of the theme of Ethnopsychology and the sometimes complex dialogue between anthropology and psychology as disciplines that together must think about the phenomena of forced migration and how these phenomena have an impact on the well-being of the operators of the system of reception. The new geopolitical crises have opened up unexpected scenarios of hospitality. The operators find themselves alone in understanding its complexities both from an anthropological, social and psychological point of view: women and children fleeing Ukraine, Afghan families who escaped the Taliban repression, very young Bengalis victims of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation and working, etc…

What approach to transcultural care can become a shared methodology that can allow operators to orientate themselves competently among the folds of Other Universes? (Or of Other Universes)
The day will open with thelectio magistralisentitled "Intercultural misunderstandings" delProf. La Cecla, international anthropologist, who will give a broad reading on the challenges of encountering peoples from other cultural universes; an in-depth study will followDr Lamb, a Jungian analyst and expert in Ethnopsychology, who will show how the lack of dialogue between reception operators and the "foreigner", in the absence of methodological guidelines of an ethnopsic nature, can herald a malaise in the care relationship.
It will close theDr. Maria Chiara Monti, psychotherapist and founder of the Ethnopsychology Service of Palermo, recounting her experience as a clinician and as a supervisor of reception centres, and opening the dialogue between the two speakers of the study day and the participants.

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TheSeptember 29, 2022at theMattarella hall of the Sicilian Regional Assembly in Palermoan ethnopsychology study day was held on the theme of “Well-being of operators grappling with the new forms of migration”. During the initiative, organized byHera SCS Onlus Consortium, Penc Center and the Hospital & Clinical Risk Managers Scientific Association, the well-known lecturer and anthropologistFranco LaCeclaheld onemaster lecturess on the interesting issue of "intercultural misunderstanding", offering countless food for thought and guidelines onethnopsychological approaches and methodologiesto be adopted in taking psychosocial care of people with a migrant background.  
Next, theDr. Agnello, a Jungian analyst and expert in ethnopsychology, made an essential contribution to the study day by addressing the age-old question of the health consequences related to the work of reception operators, such as burnout and vicarious trauma. Finally, theDr. Maria Chiara Monti, psychotherapist and founder of theEthnopsychology Service of Palermo, moderated the debate between speakers and participants on the topic of Applied Ethnopsychology as a methodological perspective of treatment and prevention.

Event organized by Consorzio Hera, Centro Penc, HCRM.

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